AUSTRO Baumaschinen

ATLAS 1604ZW rail-road excavators in Pirell a.s.

We have already delivered 3 ATLAS 1604ZW rail-road excavators and accessories for them to the Pirell company, which focuses on the repair and reconstruction of railway superstructure, rail welding, railway substructure and construction and earthworks.

The high reliability of the machines while keeping reasonable costs was a priority for Pirell in their selection.

Our offer consisted not only in the delivery of machines, but also in ensuring their long term operation. The delivery included both periodic service and a warranty for a long period of time, as well as a guarantee of starting the service within 24 hours of the defect being reported, which is essential for railway work.

What technical parameters are important for our customer?
We use the machines as a universal tool not only for classical mining work, but also as a means for material handling in the construction site area. For this reason, the most important for us is the high lifting capacity and reach of the boom’ says Michal Široký, the Executive Director of Pirell.