AUSTRO Baumaschinen

Interest-free loan for the development of your business

The Expansion program brings advantageous loans to small and medium-sized enterprises for starting or developing a business. The projects can be implemented anywhere in the Czech Republic except for the capital city of Prague; they must be co-financed by a commercial loan from one of the CMZRB contractual partners. The program is financed from ESI funds within the Operational Program Enterprise and Innovation for Competitiveness of the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

What credit can you get?

without interest and no fees

loan amount CZK 1 - 45 million

up to 45% of eligible project expenditure

maturity up to 7 years, resp. up to 10 years (if the loan is mainly intended for real estate)

postponement of installments up to 3.5 years

financial contribution to pay interest of commercial loan up to CZK 2 million

Special supported activities

loan amount 650 ths. - CZK 60 million

maturity up to 10 years

postponement of installments up to 4 years

financial contribution to pay interest of commercial loan up to 4 million CZK

(introduction / development of high-speed internet, efficient use of water in industry, processing of wood damaged by bark beetle, business centers, material and energy recovery of waste, new from 1 April 2020: family businesses)

What can you use it for?

to acquire new machinery and equipment

for the acquisition or reconstruction of buildings used for business activities

to acquire technological procedures, programs and licenses and software

Who is it for?

for small and medium-sized enterprises doing business (planning to do business) in areas such as manufacturing, construction, retail and wholesale, transport and storage, accommodation, catering, hospitality, information and communication activities and others

supported regions

supported areas of business