AUSTRO Baumaschinen

SKANSKA purchased 5 new Atlas 1604 ZW rail-road excavators

SKANSKA, Railway Construction Division, is a supplier of all types of rail structures from construction through maintenance to their reconstruction. It carries out modernization, optimization and reconstruction of high-speed corridors, regional lines, railway stations and sidings, where rail-road excavators are a must.

For the renewal and modernization of its machinery and as a replacement for the already outdated MHS machines, SKANSKA chose and purchased five new, rail-road Atlas 1604 ZW excavators from our company. Both the Atlas 1404 ZW and 1604 ZW models were initially considered, but in the end it was decided to purchase the larger one.

The reasons why our company succeeded in the tender for the supply of these rail-road excavators were the positive references, high flexibility of service and very good service coverage throughout the Czech Republic.