AUSTRO Baumaschinen


From July 1 to December 31, 2019, you can purchase a new Atlas material handler with above-standard benefits from our company. We have prepared a special offer for you that will financially facilitate both the purchase of a material handler and the subsequent service of the machine (both warranty and post-warranty).
By signing your order before the end of 2019 you will receive the following bonuses:
1. We will allow you a HIRE PURCHASE with 20% down payment and up to 60 instalments
2. Five-years or 8000 operating hours WARRANTY for the machine (whichever is earlier)
3. FREE SERVICE - work and transport cost of our service mechanic for a period of 5 years
4. POST-WARRANTY SERVICE - during the whole period of use of the machine by the first owner we guarantee the price of service CZK 590/hour of work and free transport to the machine

Akce na překládková rypadla od 1.7. do 31.12.2019